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The miracle gel for floppy hear above the eyes, stray hairs on the bridge, toplines and topknots, withouth sticky residue or fatty coat.

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If top knot elastics or bows are not your favorite way to keep hair out of your dogs eyes, or if you want to give them a break, then Pet Styling Gel by Paw4Paws may just be the answer you are looking for. Made in the USA.

Pet Styling Gel is unscented and contains a blend of ingredients that helps to hold the hair above the eyes in place, tames static frizz, smooth and softens the hair. Leaves no sticky residue, non-greasy, non-toxic and washes out easily. No add fragrance, silicone, paraben, sulfate, formaldehyde, dye or added color.

The gel adds texture and volume for top knots and softens as it is brushed. The hold will vary depending on the amount of gel used and the type of hair. The gel can be reapplied if necessary. The gel does NOT need to be washed out after applying. The hold will lessen as it it brushed more. If the gel has not been totally brushed out, refresh by spritzing with water and re-brush.

Pet Styling Gel is an alternative to a top knot and a more natural look. Ideal for show dogs, performance dogs, groomers and dog owners. Pet Styling Gel is also great for creative styling and Mohawks too.


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